Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Well that was a long lunch, what ever happened to 2003!! Forgot all about my blog but hey I'm only talking to myself!!

Just started 2 weeks holiday from Admiral and working on my many projects as usual. I am currently working on an exciting new projects maybe this will give me some money as my last project is about to go down the pan thanks to my business partner who has not got a head for business after over two years he still does nothing!! However a contact I made through.....

[Megan's bit]
I am megan, my dad wrote all of this down there.

what I did today on my school holidays. I got up before Paige & Luke arrived this morning first time this week!.

I invented something on the computer it is a little box with a star, the color is purple and black. Now it's time for bed as I just finished watching Men in Black II.

Back to me now where was I.....

My last project asked if I would be interested in developing a new business my area being IT & Internet which as usual I agreed to well we will see!!

Anyway that's enough for today maybe this time I'll remember to pop back and update this blog and not leave it another 2 years almost.

Bye for now!!