Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bit of a rant

Nissan and the long waiting Qashqui. Well it's been over 4 weeks since I paid my deposit and sat waiting for delivery, 1st they would not give me a delivery date, three weeks on I here nothing then along comes the insurance quote which had the registration number etc. on it, I rang Nissan Cardiff for an update only to find that the salesman had no idea what the registration was also when the car was due for delivery, I mentioned that I had the insurance quote and that it starts on the 6th April, so am I coming to collect my Qashqui on the 6th, no it's due in on the 11th and will be available a few days after. Okay. Well then comes the V5 with all the car details on, umm I ring Nissan Cardiff AGAIN this time to be told that the car has arrived (3rd April) but not ready o collect until a weeks time (10th April) great Qashqui here ready to drive away on the 10th!!!!

Phone call Thursday 5th Mr Baker about your Qashqui, the car is here but the tow bar will not be fitted until the 11th but that's after collection date, yeah we thought we would delay collection until Thursday?? NO WAY I have meetings and a schedule done for the next two weeks. Oh Mr Baker your cycle rack will not be available until 26th April. WOT...

So I made a decision which I hope does not back fire but I told Nissan that I would collect my Qashqui as promised on Tuesday 10th and I will take the car back in a month to have the usual service and at the same time I'll get the tow bar and cycle rack fitted.

I do hope that this plan does not backfire as at the moment Nissan Qashqui has been a bit of a nightmare and to cap it all Nissan are saying that the time scale now is 8 - 10 weeks for delivery. I think that have been caught out by the demand. I just hope mine is trouble free!! we'll see. Next post when I collect the car to let you know what happens. So far I give Nissan Cardiff 4/10 for customer service, I think there is a communication problem between Nissan and their garages.