Thursday, October 06, 2005

Well I'm not doing to bad another day, have not felt to good today a little anxiety has returned that maybe to do with the lack of work for my business. I'm debating putting an ad on eBay but I'm not convinced that this is the way forward........

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Now it's time to do a diary and take this a little more seriously, I have just had bad news well yesterday anyway that my business partner for wants to move into other areas as I'm the IT part of the business he wants to know if I will charge out for future work on well have I got a problem with that OH NO!! I will be charging £20 per hour .

Does that mean I can bill him for the past two and a half years at £20 per hour?

That's better got that of my chest. So whats new in my life? well certainly getting better not had a panic attack in months now and my anxiety is coming down to managable levels, I'd love to find others who have either beaten this or is still trying to beat this illness.

Oh I've now gone part time so I can pick up Megan (My daughter) and the neighbours kids and concentrate on my online business www.librautomotive being my main customer.

Any way hopefully I'll remember each day to update this in sonme sort of fashion.
OK so what is all this car modification all about I notice have loads of car bits I'm over 35 and wonder if people my age actually make changes like Lexus lights, RGM spoilers great place to go to if you have banged your car door mirror but please Lexus lights what are they all about?