Saturday, May 27, 2006

New techie stuff

Well it's been a few days, but this blog is from my new laptop, it's quite strange as it's wireless and no cables coming out of the thing, I am just coming down with a cold so feel a bit yuk.

I'm now sat in the lounge with this new toy on my lap typing away!! it's great not to be stuck in the office.

Well I'll do a proper post over the long weekend I'm just testing the whole thing out first. So far so good, oh apart from the price tag of course but that's for another day.

So chi chin I'll be back soon. bye ;0)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

16 days later........

Is it me or is time flying 16 days since my last update wow. Okay where or better still what has been happening over the past 16 days, well....

I have started to play golf, not sure about it at the moment only played twice so far but the guys seem to think I'm quite good, I went down the range with Wayne last night for a session which was really good, learning how to hit the little white ball straight!! out of 50 attempts managed it 10 times whooo go me!

Last week I went to the wenault for a round of golf with some guys from work it started as a nice evening but as we went around the course the thunder started so we were keeping an eye on the storm, anyway after the game the BIG storm arrived and what a spectical three hours of wall to wall thunder and lightning, the coast was lit up with Pink flashes as the lightning touched down on the water it was a sight, and guess what dippy me didn't have my camera with me to take some shots. Yes I was gutted!!

Work well I'm getting by, 'D' has now moved floors so I don't see her that often which I suppose is a good thing we send emails now and then but nothing of any stature. I'm still trying to deal with what I did earlier in the year and I'm putting it down to unhappiness.

My business is flying I signed another contract for 12mths last week so I'm now officially earning double my old full time job which is great. I'm buying a new laptop to celebrate. Also I want to do this blog more regular so a new wireless laptop will be the way to go sitting in the garden typing away with a glass of red wine in one hand and a beautiful woman in the other. anyway where was I ah yes business I have got into the routine of working so I now don't touch weekends and I use my mobile as main contact number so if I do take up golf then business on the course rather than at home!

So what else, well my brother passed his driving test and bought a Nissan Almera 53 plate he took Megs for a run last Sunday but I had to pull him to one side and have a good chat with him before hand although his is a really good driver he's only 17 and with girls in the car he may think of doing something stupid. But all went well.

I'll do more later in the week time is ticking and I need to do some real work. So hey bye for now.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Another long weekend

The last long weekend until August (I think!) anyway had a good weekend, Saturday we stole some time and went to romilly Park and played baseball and Frisbee weather was sunny and warm and running around the park did me a world of good. Sunday was a chill out day apart from Tesco which was the usual if not quieter occasion. I actually sat in the lounge and read a book!! I have promised myself for months that one Sunday afternoon I'll chill out reading and I did it and it was great, Megs played on the computer I chilled and read and watched a little Discovery channel as well just to round things off.

Monday well we paid our annual visit to St. Fagans today four hours of walking around the Welsh Folk museum the weather was good although a little chilly, but took a few pictures which will appear soon as I'm having problems with this blog tonight.

Any way, things are all good and still feeling good, I'm hoping the illness is finally going here's fingers crossed.