Monday, July 31, 2006

On a lighter note

Madonna was in the Millennium stadium last night for the first leg of her European confessions tour, alas I did not spend £80+ for a ticket although a load went from the office, the reports are not that good, seems that it was more a theatre show than a rock concert and that there was an hour and a half wait between support band (only the One, and he was a DJ friend of you know who).

The gig was marred by lots of breaks for costume changes and basically was not worth £80, but they did say her singing was great if you like her new album as she only sang three old songs. There I got the low down, I have her new Live album and free DVD so I'm sorted oh and I saved £80 (The CD was bought with left over xmas vouchers for Virgin sorry Ms Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone or Mrs Ritchie.

Just had a look for Wembley and they are looking for £110 - £160 NO WAY!!

Stick with a new up and coming group 'chip shop boys' AKA the Minge & XWiz go get em boys you never know Madonna may support you one day!! ;)

Dan I think this may knock you off the number one spot with your "Yar Har fiddle-de-dee"
Shiver me timbers!

Very sad day

A young woman who I am aware of was Murdered over the weekend, it is very sad and makes me very angry that you cannot live happily and safely anywhere these days, the area she lived in is a new private estate in a quite suburb of Swansea. What has gone wrong with the world we live in, why is it that crime and war is on the increase? and to what end?

My sympathies to her Husband and her family.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Wozzz upppppp True True

Why do we spend less money on weekly shop when kids are not here, I saved £30 today!!

Hope you like my new clock thought it would go well with yesterdays time issues I was having, finally got to bed at 1.45am but back to normal today up at 8.30am and done all the usual house work. One day I'll do something less boring instead (Name that children’s TV show from the 80's).

Nothing much happened today so a small blog.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

What time is it?

OK now I'm getting back to normal had evening meal at 9pm and just finished watching another DVD 'Last holiday' with Queen Latifa, what a good film just what I needed on a wet Saturday night, Dan the rain will be with you soon, and it's great walking outside with no coat on and still warm great!!

Now watching Bone Collector on TV seen it loads of times but still a good movie to watch. 'J' sat next to me eating a pasta snack wondering what I'm doing on the laptop as she knows nothing about my blog, trying to explain it to her but the blank look on her face says it all, stick with the pasta baby..

Hopefully I will be back to normal tomorrow, up early ready for shopping at Tesco and cleaning the office as it really needs doing, also I need to finish my way overdue project as I did not do much last week due to my brain freeze, which alas I still have but reading everyones blogs is no excuse for slacking, so next week less blogging and more work...... Yeah Right.

Won't be doing that again

It's now 6.30pm and my body is telling me it's lunch time... oh I'm so out of sync. So if any of you fancy having a long lay in or watch a movie in bed be warned it messes up your body clock, I think I may still be blogging well into the early hours.

Just finished scrubbing the kitchen from top to bottom, cupboards, floor, everywhere now taking a break and will start on the lounge, 'J' is ironing which is one department I will not do, If I have to do ironing it gets thrown in a bag and taken to the ironing lady for £10 best £10 ever spent.

It's still pouring down outside and a bloke just walked past singing 'Singing in the rain' great to see a little water and if it gives people the idea to sing bring it on! (He had a good voice).

Was going out for a meal tonight and a movie but with both of us working so hard in the house and it being 6.30pm in the evening and pouring down, I feel that we won't get out today.

Oi what time is it?

Okay it's 2.45pm and just showered and dressed, it's raining quite hard and I've basically had the most laziest day so far in all my life.

Last night we got two DVD's from blockbuster I let 'J' choose this time round 'Memoirs of a Geisha' and 'Mr & Mrs Smith.' On the way back home we stopped off for a Chinese take away, A meal for two special deal.

We started watching 'Memoirs of a Geisha' and to be honest I was not looking forward to it, but eating a Chinese and watching an oriental themed film sounded good, and it had won all those Oscars so it must be worth the effort.

'Memoirs of a Geisha' Brilliant that's all I have to say about that... (In Forest Gump talk) but unfortunately the Chinese did not sit right with me, woke up at 4am on the dot feeling icky so went to the bathroom just in case. Got back to bed just as the sun was rising, brought on anxiety attack and stress as I hate being ill so was kicking myself a bit for that, next I knew it was 10am wow where did those 6 hours go.

'J' had woken up a few moments before and brought up a cup of tea she then proceeded to put 'Mr & Mrs Smith' on so we laid back sipping morning tea and watching an action movie. Well the film was a good laugh predictable but for early morning viewing was good. But I loved the kick back, no work, no Child to deal with and no schedule to follow, I have not had a day like this since I was a student, I think you all know what I talking about there.

I have decided if I become a millionaire or when I retire there will be NO clocks in the house, my life will not run to schedules.

So that's my excuse for being a lazy git and doing very little this Saturday although I do feel a little guilty for doing it not sure why.

Friday, July 28, 2006

It's that FRIDAY feeling

Yee Ha Friday, well almost anyway, 'J' had no luck with a B&B so looks like we are stuck at home for the weekend, I fancy a meal and movie but physically I'm knackered and just can't get motivated to do anything at the moment.

Pretty quite day today, no goss except that email has been referred to the BIG boss to deal with.

I may post later depends what mood I'm in certainly not a great one at the mo.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Woof Woof

Okay, here they are pictures of the little fella also pictures of what he will look like when he's older. Now before you say he's a small dog I wanted a Labrador but unfortunately our house and garden are just not big enough but this little fella will fit perfectly.

Now I have loads of names on a list that 'J' and MSM have put together but I'm open to suggestions so let me have them you never know you could pick THE name for our newest member of the family. How do you spell the breed again a Lasa Apso... no Lahsa Apso... No Lhasa Apso ..... yes a Tibetan Monk watch dog.

Here he is at 3 weeks old:

Now this is what he will look like at 12mths

And as a full grown adult can't belive that a pup with such dark colours end up being a 'Brindle' which I am told by the breeder is White and Grey like this chap.

Life is a box of.....

Anything you like really.

MSM is now at the airport waiting to fly out, oh ang on..... nope she just took off so MSM is now in the air, how I know this I live only a mile or so from the Airport and can see the planes take off and her's is bang on time. I sit here smiling to myself as we have this habit that when we take off we wave out of the window when we see the house.

So I'm alone all quite 'J' is not due home till 7 ish as she is going with work mates for a birthday drink.

I'm very laid back any more so and I would be horizontal and I like the idea of a good group of friends of both sexes and at the moment I have a female friend who is going through the mill a bit and I offered a sympathetic ear and sent over my MSN user so she can add me and we could talk, well last night she did just that added me to her MSN. Alas 'J' does not think the same way as me and she was sat here looking at the puppy pictures when low and behold my friends name appears oh and picture.

Well lets just say it went very quiet and if looks could kill I'd be dead in a split second. What makes matters worse is that 'J' works for the same company as me and sits 4 desks over from my friend. It took me about three hours of talking to get her to calm down and accept that men can have female friends as well as male and not have to take the female kind to bed.

So an interesting evening but still I'm a little confused after over 14 Years together 12 of them married should she not be past this stage?

Anyway enough for the moment there was other stuff but brain freeze so back to work and I may post another later.

Yar Har fiddle-de-dee NOOOOOOO!

That's bloody addictive, for those not in the know Dan has put up the full version of the pirate song that's all I'm going to say about that.....

Right no more pirate stuff here, officially PIRATE FREE.

Right lets get down to it, got an email today in office from big boss company gone bust I look after all problems and issues but boss decided to help me out. "I have requested a data report for the past 30 days transactions to help you sort out the issue" (Edited version of course).

Reply from stats bloke: here is the report you wanted.

My Reply: The data is showing far to many transactions for 30 days?

Stats bloke: Oh it's over the past 5 years.

My reply: OK but we really need it over 30 Days

Stats bloke: Get over it

Now is it me or his is last comment out of line?

I sat there for 10 mins mulling the response in my mind, have I said something wrong here? anyway over to you guys let me know what you think. (Due to the nature of the post it may be removed very soon so quick answers...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Do what you want cos a pirate is free

Gee thanks Dan this tune is so addictive, well pretty ordinary day today apart from trying to advise someone on the best course of action and the prat insisting that his way was better. How so I asked when all the data you have produced is incorrect? "Oh well that's because the users are typing in the address wrong" me "Why would they do that when it's automatically inserted when the selection is made" ah well..... he goes on and on in a complete circle but still as far as he's concerned he's still right.

That's why folks I now only work 4hrs to get away from idiots like that.

Now sat in my home office drinking tea and catching up on my friends blog although I am getting rather worried that a certain person has far too much time on his hands and finding stuff on the net that I could not find in a million years keep em coming though they are great!

MSM (Need to scroll to the bottom of the page) is going to Lanzerote tomorrow for a week with her Auntie so not sure how I will cope with out her giving me hugs and more hugs and wanting a bedtime story, I've told her that I will look after her army of teddies and that I'll take a few to work with me strictly on a rota basis of course can't be doing with favouritism.

Well I have finally circum to pressure I can officially announce that we are going to have a new member to the family after months of nagging from both J and MSM we are getting a puppy. I have been told that images of this said creature will be in my inbox later today, he's only 3 weeks old at the mo but as we are away for most of August he will be ready by the time we get back.

Oh joy another mouth to feed and my life as I know it is about to come to an end. More when I get the pictures.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

36 Degrees and with open Windows

Well it is 36 degrees in the garden, no breeze just wall to wall sunshine although I'm hearing rumours that the rain is coming, I do like this weather I think I'm made for it, can't wait to go over to the other house in Spain in a few weeks to chill on the roof terrace and do some light work on the laptop.

Like my title 36 degrees is the weather link and open Windows is well..... the big meeting with Microsoft today, although we didn't get off to a good start as I entrusted a colleague to sort out the meeting room and refreshments etc. which he didn't do either so 10 mins before we were due to kick off no meeting room, no equipment, stress levels HIGH. It's the old saying if your going to do something make sure you do it yourself, delegation doesn't work.

Well it kicked off 45mins late but by the end everyone was hooked, ha another success!! I should do IT project management freelance I could have charged £300 per hour that would have been around £1,200 for this! not that I'm bitter about my sisters boyfriend honest!

The problem now is switching off, this is where I went wrong last time, I have this horrible habit of continuous thinking, you know the type the what if scenarios, how will it work, where do I start, my previous life I would have five or six projects running simultaneously so you can imagine how fast my brain was working, I'd be in a Restaurant having a meal and something would pop right in there and I'd have to send myself an email, or voicemail to remind myself to look into something, A note pad by the bed in case I woke up and had to write the issue down I can't, I won't go down that road again.

So all in all (is that good welengilsh?) a good day. Stress well I aint got any, anxiety very little. Need a strong drink YES PLEASE.

Celebdaq well I know a few friends Dan 'THE woMAN' and Joansy are keen players and I have been trying to get in on the action (Please let me join your league!!) I have just taken a look at mine note I have not been taking the game that serious so being number 21668 in the chart isn't that bad, although I have spread the risk a little thin buying blocks of 1000 across about 20 Caleb's anyone with insider dealings let me know!!

Thank god I'm not that bad with real shares ;)

P.S I hope Dan knows I'm joking. LOL

Monday, July 24, 2006

Computers who's idea

I'm stuck! I have been building an application using Access 2003 and it's just about ready to go to a client but I have hit a snag, the PDF programme I have running in the background does not like to select one report per record, I have found code that will I think solve the problem but my mind is currently dead and for the life of me I don't know where to begin inputting the code. Complete and utter brain freeze. (Over five days now).

Did not have a good nights sleep last night not sure if it's the weather or just me, I woke up about 10 times sometimes due to weird dreams, I've been having a few of those of late, not out there ones but people who I know and are either friends who I have not seen in a while (some over three years) and some work colleagues who I recently started working with again. Umm any dream bods out there who can give me a reading I'm up for finding out why the past is featuring so prominently in my sleep these days.

Reading Dans blog today and looks like he didn't get much sleep either but at least he's got his cats to blame for that.

So I'm sat in my home office trying to solve the computer programme issue but I don't think I'm going to crack this on my own so if any of you are good with MS Access and V.B then give me a shout I really need a hand.

Dan to answer your question about what I do, due to the problems petiteanglaise is having with her employers I can't say too much as I know they have looked in the past (web stats) I work as a project manager for a large Insurance company was full time but now only 4hrs a day plus I have access from home so I do work from here as well, I'm also a freelance IT & Web developer and have 3 long term contracts at the moment one which as you read earlier is causing me a bit of grief.

My sister rang me last night, note my family are not the best at keeping in touch, asked her when the last time she rang me her reply was "March 10th my birthday, and you rang me" oh so only four months or so later, and guess what she only rang to gloat that she is going to Cyprus in September and her boyfriend has a three month contract earning £300 per day doing internet marketing. £300 per day what!! this idiot has no idea how the internet works let alone do any sort of marketing for them, I gather it's for one of the large online gambling sites. How the hell did this Muppet blag his way into a job like that, he is normally a van driver for a delivery firm.

I remember him coming to me a few years back asking me to show him what the internet was and how you use it, they have no PC and my sister has just completed the basic PC user course in evening class. Just a gripe on how people blag and get away with it and get paid for their trouble £300 a day what tosh....

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hurting feet

Went to Tesco fun day today in Coopers field which is just behind Cardiff Castle, it was hot with a nice breeze blowing. MSM decided to climb the wall which is about 30ft tall, MSM opted for the hard side which unfortunately was a little too hard for her, but she had a really good attempt and managed to get half way up, but she kept trying without throwing a tantrum, I can visualize her free climbing around the world, she obviously follows me as I love climbing especially free climbing alas I have not climbed for over two years as J gets really worried when I Go off on my own to climb so I agreed to take a break.

MSM was into all the sports section of the fun day, hockey, golf, Basket ball and even trying the rowing machine on more than one occasion, for MSM if she ever reads these when she's older Dad's really proud of you, trying your best is all anyone can ask.

Just watched Tiger win the open, I'm not normally into watching golf on T.V but unfortunately I have started to play recently and I've got the bug, not that I would play in all weathers it would have to be dry for me to go out and have a round.

Well Sunday has been a busy day and great to spend time with both my girls.

My life now is finally returning to normal with a smile I can now be normal, not snapping at stupid things, being so tired that I just can't be bothered leaving the house I feel good and positive long may this last, if you are going through anything similar leave a note and I'm happy to talk to you and let you know how I'm beating Stress, anxiety, Depression and Panic attacks. I remember days when my bosses were saying that I thrived on stress, my work was very stressful working with MD's of a large PLC, meetings, projects, and 80hr weeks were the norm.

How I know I'm returning back to normal, I have a large project running at the moment with Microsoft and I have a large meeting next week with them which I'm feeling really good about three months ago I could not sit in a meeting with our people without having anxiety attacks and the feeling that I need to get out of here, last week I held two prelim meetings both went without any problems and I felt good at the end of them.

But I have learnt a big lesson, life is not all about work, life is for living not worrying about stuff especially what your boss thinks of you.

Anyway that's my sermon for the week, chilling is good panic and stressing is BAD!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Numbing experience

Just got back from the dentist, I now feel like shit, my mouth is numb, my tongue is numb and one side of my throat is numb. Whilst in the waiting room it dawned on me what sad git books a dentist appointment for 8.30am!! I'm now starving so much so I,m light headed, I want a cup of tea NOW! but as we all know it's not a good idea unless you wear a bib.

It was nice to be in the city at 8am though really quiet, nice time to window shop and see people sat out drinking their morning coffee before they started work. NEXT store had a one day sale so that store was pretty busy they opend at 5am, I'm not a big shopper and the thought of standing ouitside at 5am waiting for the doors to open does not do anything for me, I feel sorry for the staff, who wants to be in work at 5am especially on a Saturday.

MSM and J have just left to join the crowds at NEXT good luck to them, I am now going to start work, I have a project which is due to be passed to my client at the end of the month and it's 99% ready just stuck on one part so as it's quiet here in my home office I'll try and complete it today.

Friday, July 21, 2006

I've got my life back

So much time has passed since my last blog, well my mid-life crisis has come to an end, my anxiety & stress levels have now returned to normal but what a ride I would not wish it on anyone. Funny how it just creeps on you and bang your screwed for months in my case 18mths and then it just disappears well almost as quick as it arrives. But I did not take any meds just carried on as best I could. If your new to my blog please read earlier posts with an open mind as you will see some of my more darker days as I journey through a life changing experience.

Reading petiteanglaise blog over the past two days really opened my eyes to the possibilities of my works seeing my blog although I don't believe I have mentioned them and I don't blog from the office it still becomes scary especially if they are on a witch hunt. My best regards to petiteanglaise in her plight and hope her and Tadpole move on to bigger and better things which I'm sure they will.

So what's the latest in sunny, hot Barry, well we have builders at the end of our street at the moment and boy are they making a racket and the mess even with it being so dry the dust is getting everywhere. Work well that is surprisingly good at the moment, lots on as ever but finishing at 2.30 everyday in this weather is fantastic.

I have to go to the dentist tomorrow 8.30AM for a filling so wish me luck.

Part of my life changing experience is that I don't read newspapers or watch the news on TV anymore, during my dark days they were very unhelpful all negative stuff like war, disasters and the like, when is a newspaper or news channel going to focus on positive stuff instead, we all need a jolt of PMA (positive mental attitude) once in a while.
My little MSM (Daughter who I will now call MSM on this blog as she thinks is sooo cool) she has just started her summer holidays, so no more school runs for a few weeks yippee for me, she is spending some of the days down her GP's (Grand Parents) who live in a caravan about 10 feet from the sea, well until later this year when they relocate permanently in Alicante Spain. MSM is growing up fast and to be honest whilst I was in my dark stage did not devote much time to her, one day I'll explain but for now I have 18mths catching up to do.

Back soon