Thursday, August 10, 2006

A littel worried

Well this is my last post for a while as I'm off to Spain tomorrow, due to the goings on with the airports I'm a little worried to say the least but as the in laws said today if it's your time to go then so be it!! arghhh I hate flying at the best of times but now it's 10 times worse, I'm convincing myself that the security is so tight now it should be the safest trip I'll ever have and I'm going to Spain not America.

It's not working though. I won't let the bastards get to me I won't I won't I won't, bring it on!!

Anyway here's to a good flight.

If you don't see a post by September then you know what's happened.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tuesday hummmm........

Yes, Yes, Yes, those idiots backed down and the case that I was working on is now finished and not before time. I WIN (Again).

It's been a lovely day down here today blue sky's warm breeze almost a shame I'll be leaving these shores in a few days. Yeah right! as if.

Why do people talk behind peoples backs? I had a conversation with someone today and they made some snide comments (in jest) but unfortunately it got to me not that I let that person know this but it hurt and got me thinking, I'm a straight talking kind of guy and I'm up front so you either like me or not, better to be honest. But I don't like people who on the face of it like you but really all they are trying to do is gather enough info to go and have a bitch session behind your back. What a shame.

Okay I listen to BBC Radio 2 and I get to hear Mr Wogan on the way to the office with a little bit of Ken Bruce but my fav has to be Chris Evans and he has started a new blog, go check it out, not bad for first attempt not sure if he'll keep it so personal though.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Day from HELLLLLLLLL!!!!

What a stressful day today, dealing with receivers for a supplier today and lets just say they were a bunch of pricks. One minute they agree to what I propose the next they change their minds, I lost it on the phone and told them if it's not sorted by tomorrow then the police will be informed and I'll let them deal with it. 10 Days trying to sort this out and still getting no where.

Usually these events are all in the bag after two days but I'm sure this firm has never handled a receivership case in their life before as they have not got a clue what they are doing.

Missing Dan's blogs so come on Dan get well NOW so I can follow on from your posts as I'm running out of things to say.

MSM back down her Grampy's today playing spy kids, she watched the movie for the hundredth time and we bought her a spy kit from Tesco yesterday and she thinks she's the B's n E's.

Getting a little worried about my old business partner for as I have not heard from him in a month, last I heard his grand daughter wash taken to hospital with breathing problems. I hope she's OK. I think I drop him an email to check all is well.

That's it for today I'm still to stressed to type much more, I hope tomorrow is better.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Here's Toby

After weeks of thinking of dogs names on the way to visiting the puppy and his brothers and Mum & Dad MSM blurted out "what about Toby" well I like the name but 'J' was not as convinced, although when we finally got to the house it was agreed that Toby will be our new dogs name.

So here are some pictures of Toby with MSM. Toby is now 4 weeks old and we will be bringing him home on the weekend September 2/3rd when he will be just 8 weeks old.

I am a little concerned that his is the smallest of the three and that he is being both Hand fed as well as with mum due to his size, the breeder says that all three have had first vet checks and have been given the all clear, Toby will have another vet check before they let us take him home, so we'll see how much he grows over the next few weeks.

We met both his Mum & Dad and they were both really well behaved, and enjoyed a good fuss. They were quiet and relaxed around us although Mum was being very careful watching what we were doing with the baby and coming up now and again to check on him which was great to see.

Toby's Mum is called Sox and she is 6 years old and this litter was her final one this is her fourth and was an accident. She will now spend her time with her grandchildren.

So now we have to start to prepare for Toby, we have bought small things like dishes and some soft toys, but with MSM around I think those two will be having lots of fun together, and when Toby gets to meet Bailey who is a relative who lives across the street then he will be really happy.

Friday, August 04, 2006

What a night

Well the meal was fantastic, service was excellent, first time I have been to a restaurant and they approached us within 2mins, order taken and drinks at the table within 5mins starters 5mins later and main course moments after the starter. The place was quite busy as well, but we stayed for nearly two hours as it was so relaxing and the food was great.

We then headed to the movies where I had pre booked Premier seats, these are the larger seats with high backs and wide arms all for an extra £1 it was great, and guess what..... we say a Pirate film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl well it was brilliant, the special effects were great and the make up was fantastic, can't wait for number 3, oh for those who have not seen the film there will be a 3rd this one ends on a cliff hanger.

Got back home at 12.45AM yes it's a long film 2.5hrs today I suffered too much red wine and long movie make Mark very tired, couldn't really get much work done although I did try honest.

MSM is back with us and as brown as ever, seems she had a great time in Lanzerote. Only 7 days to go and this time next week I'll be on the plane. Grreeaatt (I hate flying so any tips on how to enjoy 2hrs of this I'm all ears).

News on the Murder case I posted earlier in the week, they have arrested her husband and another woman and they appeared in court this morning. News story. Not much I can say about this apart from disbelief and horror that a person so close to her would be the prime suspect.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Day late oops!

Ah sorry, went and played Golf last night to try and clear my head, it's good to take some time out and relax, although only a few days now and I'm in Spain probably on the sun terrace with my feet up. Yeah right with MSM to contend with we'll spend most of the time either round the local so she can play with her Spanish friends, or in the swimming pool. At a stretch it could be the beach.

Anyway a week has flown past again MSM due back from Lanzerote early hours of tomorrow morning so have decided to take yet another evening off from work and take 'J' for a Italian and a movie. Not sure what to watch but not worried gets me out the house that's the main thing.

I will however have to complete the now way overdue project by early next week so they can start testing whilst I'm away.

I promise that I will not touch politics ever again it's not me, I'm pretty crap at writing and will never make a novelist. I'm pretty good at project notes, reports etc. but that's only cos it's work and I have to do them, sitting at home in the office just does not have the same ring to it and my written skills for some unknown reason leaves me the minute I walk out of the office.

Anyway I'm off to do a little work before 'J' gets home. Oh it's Sunny and warm again which is really good but I noticed on the golf course last night that the evenings are drawing in already. God it was only yesterday that the clocks went back please let us have light evenings ALL the time I get sooo depressed when it's dark at 5pm.

All good! ;o)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Following on fro Dan's Blog

Well I have decided to take a break from work as it was not going to plan, rather than mess it up I've learnt over the years to switch off the PC and walk away, so now I'm sat in the lounge on my trusty laptop putting fingers to keys.

Following on from Dan's blog and the way 'PC' (Political Correctness) has gone wrong in the UK, like Dan I don't like discussing politics or religion as I don't think these topics should be aired on such a place however Dan did hit a topic which does hit the right nerve for me to air my views. That is Children and how they behave and why do they get away with it time and time again.

I reflect back to my school days when we respected our teachers and adults. The threat of the cane was there if you misbehaved badly enough then you were hauled in to the headmaster’s office for a stern telling off and possibly the cane. I admit I never had the cane but I have been in the head masters office on a few occasions and I have seen the cane on his desk. The threat was enough for me to behave for a while there after.

Today however children have no idea of what the cane is and even scoff at the idea, their attitude being that you can't touch me or what are you going to do about it? We hear this so often these days’ teachers can do NOTHING. Question who was the idiot who decided to pull teachers rights to punish children? Did they not realise that children are here to stretch boundaries that's how we learnt right from wrong. If there is no real punishment in our schools how are children going to learn. Did my generation turn out that bad that we had to change the way teachers discipline their pupils?

I admit that the majority of children are well behaved and learn from their parents but we are now seeing the young adults who went through school not having real discipline having children and listening to them in the school play ground really opens my eyes to their attitude to life and other people, lets just say I'm worried, I have seen them with my own eyes telling their kids "Don't worry love the teacher can't do anything to you". WHAT!! is this the way we really want to teach our children do what you like because no one will do anything until it's too late and the police are involved.

Now just to clarify I'm not saying to cane every child for doing wrong but the thought of the cane is enough for 99% of children and I'm not condoning smacking however I bet we have all had a smack when we were younger I know I did and it hasn't damaged me.

We need to step back and re evaluate what politicians have done over the past 15 years and look at how young people are behaving these days thanks to their eagerness to have their names put to new acts of parliament.

Anyway this topic can go on and on but someone somewhere must re look at how we are dealing with unruly children and to get the respect to adults back to where it should be. Watching a local programme about Cardiff Prison over 70% of inmates were under 25 years old does that suggest something?

Not going to plan

Things in the home office just not going to plan a deadline is now here and the application has just fallen apart due to PDF system I needed, hopefully I will be back tomorrow......