Friday, March 16, 2007

I am Dr Who

Time travels so fast, my blog is feeling a little neglected and my visitors have dropped through the floor. Well I did say I was not a writer.

I see Dan the man has been a little lacking on his blog and reading Joansy's blog and watching her YouTube feature which is great there is a big man hunt.

Here in Wales the weather has been well RAIN and lots of it and with more snow due this weekend. Still working hard at the office and on my business which is as normal very busy.

The family are well and looking forward to our trips later in the year, Spain to the house and Ireland which will be a first, drive, Ferry and cottage, ummm sounds good.

The new car.... well still waiting for the delivery date, I have been told it's going to be the end of March.

Health... much better than this time last year so here's hoping for a better year.

Latest on my Freelance business is that I have been asked to re-start work on an old favourite

I built this site way back in 2004 and I have just signed a 5 year contract to maintain and develop it so watch this space. Yes I know I have signed to many contracts now and I have not got time to.... well you know what I mean.

So that's enough for now I suppose. byeeee ;o)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Well, ummmm, ooooo

Well 29th Jan was my last visit, so what happened to February? to be honest I ran out of things to say apart from the usual stuff which after a while gets a bit boring so decided to take a break. However I may still get that urge to drop out for a while.

Anyway what have I been up to well......

I turned 38 now that was a lot easier than previous years no long suffering hangover or depression due to rapidly approaching 40 and wondering what I have done with my life. (Not much). The family are all fit and healthy (Thank god). The weather here is 'CRAP' wet wet and more wet.

The inlaws came over from Spain last weekend for a few days but we didn't see much of them for one reason or another, but what time we spent with them was okay although we have told them that we will only spend a week with them in the summer rather than the full two weeks more on that later.

So what's new........ well I've/we've decided to trade in my car for a new one, not a used car but a brand new one. Do you know that I have never bought a new car in my life they have always been used, although the last two or three have been under six months old. Anyway I'm going to the garage tomorrow for a second test drive and place my order which should take about 4.5 weeks. So what Am I getting I here you ask well here's a picture for you to dribble over.

And for the anoraks here is the vehicle specs:

Power78/4000 (106/4000)
kW / rpm (PS / rpm)
Maximum speed174 km/h
108 mph
Fuel consumption (Urban cycle)6.2 l/100 km
45.6 mpg
Fuel consumption (Extra-urban)5.0 l/100 km
56.5 mpg
Combined cycle fuel consumption5.4 l/100 km
52.3 mpg
CO2 Emissions145 g/km

QASHQAI Acenta adds a further touch of elegance and a host of technology. Body coloured door handles and mirrors and a leather bound steering wheel and gearknob are joined by hi-tec features like Rain-sensing wipers, automatic lighting, cruise control, an ultrasonic rear park system and dual zone air conditioning to make driving even more relaxing.

And here is the interior seat covers.

Finally here is the actual colour that I'm going for
which is called faded denim.