Friday, November 30, 2007

Latest musings here in taff land

Well we are about to move house, we are all set for Friday 7th December. I'm hoping that the new place will bring new beginnings and one being that I start to blog again.. I hope to start taking photos and putting them here. This past year has been a blurrrrr really, concentrating on work work oh and more work and realising that life is not all about work work and more work.

Thought: If I died tomorrow what would happen to the world and work. Well the world would continue to rotate and life would continue pretty much as it is today and work, well that would continue they would get some sad bastard to carry on what I was doing and that would continue as well. So why do we work so damn hard get stressed only to see our maker a lot quicker. Well that is the big question and one which I am about to change. You see moving house is not just having new surroundings but for me is a chance to change my priorities in life, work well that will be my 2nd thing in life, living will be my first.

It's time to get out more, walk the hills start a new hobby and well just experience more. You see my dream from leaving school was to have a nice house and a nice car and be happy. Well 2007 has brought me a nice new car and touch wood a nice new home which is exactly what I set out to do all those years ago. Not bad 20 years to get there.

Now it's time to set new goals ones that don't involve work and money and all things that grind you down, my new set of goals are going to be helping those less fortunate, travel, meet new people. how am I going to ac hive this I don't know it's new to me and very exciting.

So sorry for not blogging this year but that's about to change in 2008, and Dan you can un cross your link to me from January 2008 as I'll be back.....

So for the moment it's good bye until we meet in a little welsh town called Pencoed Nr Bridgend where my new life begins (As long as BT get's me broadband sorted in time).

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hmm what time is it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well umm, what can I say...... I'm alive and kicking lots has happened over the past five months, shit five months since my last post. I'm way off the mark at the moment. Well in a nut shell we have sold our house back in August and we are still waiting to move, I have been told that we should be signing early next week. If I get chance I'll put a full post on what's been going on in my life this year.

Where the hell has 2007 gone, only yesterday it felt like Christmas!!! Argggghhhhhh

Hey Dan hope you are okay, I have tried to catch up on your blog but it'll take me a while.