Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hey it's 2008 already.......

Happy New Year, well a belated one anyway. Okay I’m alive (I think), I’ve moved and un packed, got over Christmas and we are now settling down to a new year in a new place. I’m sure that over the months I will bore the pants off everyone with the house and what I’m up to so today I’m not really going to discuss it.

BT on the other hand, well lets just say they must be the WORST telecommunication company in the world, I have been without a telephone for over two weeks now with no sign of it being repaired.

Controversial….. well this year I think a little discussions on what is getting to me will go down well, yes you will get to read topics that I’m sure you will feel compelled to respond too (I hope so anyway.)

So 2008 what’s happened so far even though we are ¾ of the way through January lots has happened mostly bad so not sure how 08 is going to pan out.

1/ Telephone busted.

2/ went off line for 10 days due to 1&1 Hosting (Long story very stressful)

3/ Broadband becomes intermittent due to telephone issues.

4/ Gave up smoking (3 days in).

Ah that’s a good topic, giving up smoking, after many years fagging it I decided last week that enough was enough, I was not enjoying it anymore and Justine had given up a few months ago and was doing extremely well. So I got my trusty Allen Carr’s Easy Way back out and started reading, the last time I gave up was a few years ago using his method and managed it for nine months, until I gave in to self pity and alcohol another story not for here.

So my last cigarette was Tuesday 22nd January now I could put a counter up to show how many days in I am but to be honest I’m a non smoker and I don’t want to be reminded that I used to smoke, for some unknown reason I am really not interested in smoking, yes I had two days of hell, well withdrawal pangs at certain key times of the day but by yesterday they had diminished to the odd thought then the counter thought of the taste, smell and the shity feeling I get after a cigarette which was why I wanted to quit in the first place.

My work colleagues are well impressed so much so that the late Allen Carr’s estate is getting a boost with a few more sales of his great book. If you have had enough of those sticks and don’t want to get addicted to gum or any other replacement then this book is for you. It works, it’s painless, not addictive, and cheap and well it’s bloody easy.

Anyway a busy Saturday planned today so I must get up shower, young Toby (our dog) is due at the groomers back in Barry at 10am and Megan is going to friends later for a sleep over so busy day in store at least for the first half of the day.