Thursday, February 21, 2008

BT update.......

Okay, I was all ready to have my phone fixed April 3rd. Last night whilst eating my evening meal the door bell went and two BT men were standing there. "Just here to survey the job we are doing tomorrow" urmm but you are not supposed to be here until 3rd April I reply. Lets just say they gave me the strangest look and said nope here's our job sheet will be here tomorrow morning to do the job.

YEE HA I get my phone back and broadband without interruption.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Very funny....

What standard of service levels would you expect?

Day 36.

The BT (British Telecom for those not from our shores) saga continues. Decided that I needed to ring them to chase up progress as the two engineers who came out last week said 2-7 days and it will be all sorted. Bless them they done a sterling job, marked up the road, fitted the junction box to the house, fitted the internal box for my phone to plug into all ready for the other team to lay a new telephone line from the box to the house, here's where it all goes wrong AGAIN!.

Spoke to a lovely lady (Lorraine) at BT who advised me that she would would look into and call me back, promptly she did only to be a bit bemused, I asked her what the problem was, to be told that due to the technicality of the phone problem it will not be completed until 3rd April.

Big pause..... Excuse me, I say, 3rd of April but it's only 14th February?

I then precede in telling Lorraine at BT the whole saga; well you have to do these things each and every time so they understand that I have been without a phone service since Friday 11th January. Also the two Engineers and what they have done and what the solution will be. Simple really, they cannot locate the junction out in the road so rather than dig three holes they have opted to install a brand new line, job done, simple!

No say BT Openreach "firstly the Engineers should not discuss jobs with customers and secondly it's a very technical fault that is why it will take so long". Hmm question BT Openreach do you actually talk with your engineers? If so you would know that the Surveyor/Engineer decided to lay a new line rather than waste man power digging up lots of holes to locate the junction, 50% of the job is already complete.

So come on BT and BT Openreach this is getting a little silly now I just want my little white phone to start talking again it can't be that hard now can it!! (Idiots)

And that's why people you should think again why NOT to return to BT. unless you fancy a bit of really bad service.

I wish Virgin Media were here, 15 years of faultless cable and fibre optics.

Monday, February 11, 2008

BT or no BT that's the question

Well over a week on from my last post and you guessed it, still no phone. Although they have concided that they will not be able to fix the old line without digging up a lot of road so they have elected to install a new line, they fitted a new box ready, now I await the road crew to dig up my lovley front garden to install the line.

This weekend proved to be fantastic, played golf with a load of freinds on Saturday morning, glorious sunshine and my game was pretty good as well, even though I have not played since last summer. I want to play again now!! oh dear id 'J' about to become a golfing widow!?!?!?

MSM is currently over in spain with her Gran & Gramps for the week, although it look like we could have the better weather, not checked yet but normally if we have it good they have it bad!

I joined face book, I know I'm mad, however it's not for pleaseure I assure you, I have clients who are getting fed up of paying google thousands of pounds each month to generate business and so I am looking in to alternative ways of marketing, read in the Sunday Times recently that this type of thing is the new way to generate business, and who argues with the sunday times.

Oh, went out exploring yesterday around the street only to find a little alley way that takes us out on to the common and all you can see for miles are fields & hills how excited was I less than a two minute walk and I was out in the wilds of South Wales. Love it, so much so I ran back grabed my mountain bike and went off for an hour up hills over mud fields generally making a fool of myself. Who cares!!

I'll post some pics up soon I promise.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

BT Saga continues

Week 3. And we still await our phone to start ringing again, yes folks our phone went down three weeks ago and no one at BT gives a shit. We have had two engineers to the house and both confirmed that the fault is outside, between the box and the house, no problems I thought should only take a few days.....

Morale dilemma. Before we moved we sold our nearly new wadrobes to our old next door neighbour, me not being a pushy gitt told her to pay me next week (14th December 07) well it's now 2nd Feb 08 and still no dosh. What do I do? continue to call her weekly until I get the money or go through the small claims court? any ideas.

Last Saturday Justine and I went out looking for floor tiles and came back in a shiny new car... eh did I type that right.. Yup went out for tiles came home with a new car. Justine had a Deawoo Matiz as a little rub around but where we now live we have to drive down the motorway which as you can imagine is not much fun in a 998cc Matiz, so we bought a Citroen C2 Furio, nice little sporty number 1.4i. the next bit is for you petrol heads:

The Citroen C2 model range lies within the price bracket of £8,280 - £12,285. The C2 has been awarded a four star NCAP crash test rating by the European New Car Assessment Programme out of a possible five stars. Based on this NCAP rating the C2 fairs fairly well in an accident having been given a high result. Citroen C2 insurance groups start at group 1 and rise to group 8. Base models are (group 1 and 2 cars are the cheapest to insure) very cheap to insure, whilst the higher specification cars are below average to insure.

Engine Capacity : 1360 cc
Cylinders 4
Valves 8v
Power 75@5400 bhp/rpm
Torque 87@3300 lb/ft

Maximum Speed
105 mph - (Man)
0 - 62 mph 12.2 seconds - (Man)
Fuel Type
- Unleaded Petrol
Fuel Capacity 41 litres / 9.0 gallons

Fuel Consumption:: (Manual)

Combined 47 mpg

Theoretical Range to Empty423.9 miles
Fuel cost per 12,000 miles£1,174.63 or £0.098 per mile
Cost of Fuel used above
£1.012 - Unleaded Petrol

Have a good weekend people...